About us

Upon establishing a company and appointment of its manager or management body and principal business, you should answer a very important question, i.e. whom should you entrust the accounting services? Since a company cannot function without an accountant because of the fact that  every company is obliged  to maintain accounting records of its business transactions in chronological order, pursuant to and in conformity with a number of regulations, to avoid penalties due to violation of these regulations.

Therefore, your choice must be well considered and reasoned.

We, the team of MVM Accounting House, are prepared to share our personal time to help you find a solution to your professional issues. We have the knowledge, capacities and professional experience to find professional solutions in conformity with the National regulatory base and otherwise.

Individualized approach to every client.

In our offices situated in Sofia and Sandanski, pursuant to the provisions of GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation EC No. 679/2016 and the Personal Data Protection Act, we offer protected storage of your information and documents.

The team of MVM Accounting House is actively involved as consultant in the development of an innovative software product intended for business control and management, which can offer utmost cyber security for modern business solutions.  This has enabled us to offer customized solutions for our clients, such as setting up a unified system and software implementation at the client’s facility with a direct communication between accountant and client, and this in itself, enables improved offers in terms of determination of the prices of our services.

Possibility to respond and solve our client’s business issues 24/7.

We offer our clients a wide range of services in the accounting sphere, labor and salaries, business planning, tax issues, consulting, support when choosing a customs agent, insurer, and a bank.



Keeping track of the changes emerging in the regulatory basis and discussions on law changes and timely awareness of our clients.

Subject to compliance with the criteria for independent financial audit, article 37 of the Accounting Act, validation of Annual Financial Statements by a registered auditor.

Should any complicated legal, accounting and/or tax issues occur, we can provide our clients with optional viable solutions within 24 hours.

The established unified performance system of all offices of the MVM Accounting House, using a single database. We are not limited by physical availability of an office and staff, and the team of the MVM Accounting House can provide every client with professional service at all times.

Through its long-term professional experience, the team of the MVM Accounting House has built trust in both their clients and the state authorities, such as the National Revenue Agency, the National Insurance Institute, the Labor Inspectorate, etc.


  • Development of customized chart of accounts as per the specific features of the company’s business,
  • Acceptance, processing and accounting of primary accounting records,
  • Development and accounting of secondary accounting documents and ledgers ,
  • Development and compliance with accounting policies as per the International Financial Accounting Standards and Accounting Standards ,
  • Accounting for fixed assets and preparation of accounting and tax

amortization schedule,

  • Processing of warehouse inventories and analytical accounting according to the company needs,
  • Calculating the cost of production, goods and services,
  • Track payables and receivables from customers,
  • Preparation and delivery of VAT returns and logbooks as per the VAT act and VIES declarations,
  • Intrastat,
  • Sorting and summary of accounting information,

Storage of information on a hard copy and magnetic carrier,


  • Preparation and delivery of declarations to the National Revenue Agency, the National Insurance Institute, the National  Statistics Institute, Bulgarian National Bank ( for foreign funding), The Personal Data protection Agency, the Labor Inspectorate, 
  • Preparation of payment documents for tax payable as per the VAT Act, Individuals Income Act, the Corporate Income Act, Local Taxes and Charges Act,
  • Preparation of interim information and statements for company management purposes,
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements (Balance sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Cash Flow Statement, Equity Statement  and appendices),
  • Consultation on the run on the Tax Procedure Code, Individuals Income Act, the Corporate Income Act, Local Taxes and Charges Act,
  • HR services for the company’s employees,
  • Preparation of payroll sheets,
  • Drafting of employment and civil contracts, additional agreements, orders for termination of staff employment contracts,
  • Issuing of statements for remunerations remaining unpaid under civil contracts,
  • Issuing of certificates to the employees of the company for annual income, etc., certificates associated with labor remuneration paid, and any documents required for retirement purposes,
  • Processing and validation of insurance and service records,
  • Registration of self-employed individuals, insurers and employment contracts,
  • Preparation of payment documents related to insurances contributions and tax payable,
  • Consulting on labor law and social insurance,
  • Consulting and calculation of individual coefficient for retirement, etc.,



Most naturally, we would not go into too much detail while listing all services we can offer. As of now, we have our offices in Sofia and Sandanski with their dedicated experts in the sphere of accounting and salary services.  We have clients from all sectors of economy.


Should you be interested, we can meet you at a time and place at your convenience to discuss details and see how we can help. 

We do appreciate your kind attention and we wish your team and you personally successful business.




Marin Markov & the team of MVM Accounting House

Our clients are small and medium-sized enterprises from all fields of the economy:

  • Hotel management
  • Restaurant management
  • Tourism
  • Trade
  • Transport and forwarding
  • Manufacture
  • Services
  • Advertising
  • Medicine and pharmacy
  • Hi-tech
  • Civil and industrial engineering
  • Architecture