Changed timelines!


Changed terms of validity of personal documents

the deadline for submitting the annual activity report (AAR), as well as for declaring and submitting tax on the expenses under the CITA and those on the revenues of budgetary enterprises, has already been officially extended to 30 June.

The deadline for filing the annual income tax return for natural persons engaged in business activities as traders within the meaning of the Commercial Act is also extended, including sole traders, an activity such as that of farmers, when they have chosen to be taxed as sole proprietors, as well as the payment of the tax due on these persons on the declaration.

The deadline for non-sole proprietorships remains unchanged - 30 April 2020, with the use of a 5% rebate on the additional tax until 31 March.

During a state of emergency, no enforcement cases are instituted by public contractors of the NRA, except in particularly important cases.

The validity of ID cards and driving licenses expires by 6 months, which expires on 31/10/2020. The expiration date of expiring documents for residence of some categories of foreigners in Bulgaria is thus extended.