What measures can each company take time a state of emergency?


1. Release of employees on leave: first if the employee has paid leave, after the paid leave is finish unpaid.

2. Termination of employment contracts. The options are mutual consent, reason art.325, due to reduced workload, redundancies and objective impossibility art.328, p.1, p.3, p.12 of the Labor Code.

3. Participation in the 60/40 government program.

3.1.Companies with activities that are prohibited during the state of emergency - restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, coffee shop, gyms, pastry shops

3.2. Companies that, for objective reasons, discontinue part or all of the activity. It is mandatory to have a 20% reduction in revenue compared to March 2019 - March 2020

Required documents: order for termination of employment, application for application, list of data of the employees for which they are applying. For companies with a 20% reduction in revenue, an additional statement of proof of the decline